Rare Jathis by Vazhuvoor Manicka Vinayagam son of Vazhuvoor Ramaiah Pillai

Vazhuvoor (or Vizhuvur) is one of the original styles of Bharatanatyam. The main distinctive features include: rich sringar elements wide range of dancing pace softer facial abhinaya extremely elaborate movements deep sitting positions variety of positions on the floor In the older, Pandanalur pani, abhinaya is more ritualistic (i.e. in conformity with the rules as set by the ancient texts) than realistic, so the spectators are supposed know the rules to appreciate it. The Vazhuvur pani evolved later than the Pandanalur, and while this did not deviate from the rules of Natyashastra, it adopted the Abhinayas that were relatively more realistic. However, some contemporary Bharatanatyam dancers, such as seen in the external link below, have created several transitional sub-styles.This style of bharatanatyam was made famous and was introduced by Padmashri Vazhuvoor B.Ramaih Pillai and his ancestors. 

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