Restoring the Catur-Vedas Calendar

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Apr 05, 2021: I think the best possible way is Geocentric observation of lunar and solar eclipses . This <astronomical> method (or whatever calendar teckniques) remains solid and reliable, while being applicable to the whole area of ancient Vedic literature. It doesn’t break anything in the Vedic worldview and respects other “nested” literary or scientific strata such as Upanishadas, Veda-angas, Upa-Vedas, Tantras, Puranas, and Itihasas.

The <astronomical> method is generic, mundane semantics-free element. We use it all the time in Vedas decoding and translating of the mantras because it gives us a styling hook without imparting any other extraneous meaning. It gives you all kinds of fantastic repositioning ability to restructure the mandalas and hymns. You can discover new links to <astronomical> notions inside of reorganized Vedic text elements, of course, but sometimes you just reopen the whole divine harmorny. No problem, here is how it’s done:


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Update April 05, 2021

See better introduction here.

Our understanding of the Vedic calendar functionning is way less cool than it was in 2001 (if it ever was). It’s far more semantic and accessible to attach functionality via 60-year Jupiter cycle we apply on a separate TimeLine Page.

If you have already understood the principle of calendrical recombining the mandalas, you could get aquainted whith MANDALAS, reorder and play whith new obtained combinations

191 43 62 58 87 75 104 103 114 191 57
recalculating the Vedic calendar paradigms:

10622 1875 1976 5977
I treat the four Vedas as an integrated whole with a unique hidden plan, homogenous in content and form. The Vedic complex is harmoneously structured as seen in the Rig-Veda's mandalas organization. I put forward a new lunar-astronomical dating of the Rig-Veda and astronomical ascertaining of the place of origin of the Vedic science. 'Key to the Vedas' (Part 3) contains also a mathematical-astronomical decoding of the Proto-Indian script and gives new proofs of the theory that the Veda-Samhitas formed an operational system and calendrical astronomical database of the recital-mnemonic analog-digital chronocomputer and 60-year eternal calendar of Jupiter called Maha-Kala-Cakra.