St. Mary’s Church in Rostock, Germany The Rostock Astronomical Clock (1472) was restored in 1643. It stands behind the altar and shows a procession of the Apostles around the figure of Christ everyday at noon. [More]
Language Word for mother Russian English German French Italian Испанский Исландский Армянский Таджикский Датский Каталанский матерьmothermuttermèremadremadremóðirmayrikmodarmormare Сопоставление нескольких искусственных фраз на санскрите и русском, звучащих почти одинаково № Фраза на санскрите Фраза на русском  1 [More]
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“” The Vedic Mathematics is called so because of its origin from Vedas. To be more specific, it has originated from “Atharva Vedas” the fourth Veda. “Atharva Veda” deals with the branches like Engineering, Mathematics, [More]