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Four Vedas Rig-Veda Atharva-Veda Sama-Veda Yajur-Veda

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MimansaVedanta Vaisheshika  NyayaSankhya Yoga

Four Upa-Vedas or Auxilary Sciences

Ayur-Veda Dhanur-Veda Gandharva-VedaSthapatya-Shastra-Veda

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12 Adityas

DhataAryama Mitra Varuna Indra Vivasvan
Tvashta Vishnu Amshuman Bhaga Pushan Parjanya

12 Lunar  Months  

Chaitra    Vaishakha    Jyeshtha    Ashadha    Shravana    Bhadrapada    Ashvina    Karttika    Margasirsha    Pushya    Magha    Phalguna

12 Solar Months

Madhu    Madhava    Shukra    Shuchi    Nabhas    Nabhasya    Isha    Urja    Sahas    Sahasya    Tapas    Tapasya

12 Suryas


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Ritu - Six Seasons:
Spring    Summer    Rainy    Autumn    Winter     Cold



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ShivaShiva Nataraja  Shiva  Shiva  Shiva  Shiva  Shiva  Shiva  Shiva  Shiva  Shiva  

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Sveta Natya-Shastra, Bharatanatyam, Flamenco, Sveta's Gallery, Alicante

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M. I. & N. S. Mikhailov

1. Key to the Vedas. Part I. Integral Hermeneutics, Minsk, 2004

If you want to learn about one of history's most fascinating inventions and uncover some of its secrets of programming and mythology - secrets that enabled the mankind to invent digital computer on binary code and light centuries of years ahead of its time and literally bring light of highest knowledge to the world - then you must read this book. Vedic mythology amplifies and colors every other element of Vedic highest science be it astronomy, calendar, mathematics, linguistics or philosophy, and unlocks our potential for understanding the Universe and ourselves.

In this book, you'll be taken on a whirlwind journey through all branches of Vedic sciences or Veda-Angas and Vedic Philosophy or Darshanas. You'll learn how to look at the world in a different and more imaginative manner.

Read the book now and learn why Vedic mythology is so crucial and vital to true science and high technology of Time Reckoning, Eternal Calendar, Chronocomputer and Chronometry.

Publisher                            Pages: 376.

M. I. Mikhailov, 2005            ISBN: 985-6701-87-2

You may read the book online in Russian or in English clicking on the arrows below.

The Vedas веды

Ключ к Ведам          VedHost             Key to the Vedas
(Russian)                                                 (English)

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