Key to the Vedas


Key to the Vedas
Key to the Vedas, Part I, Integral Hermeneutics of the Vedas

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The book is the first part of the voluminous research and serves as a methodological introduction to the description of the Vedic mathematical and astronomical codes whithout which the Vedas cannot be understood and evaluated properly.

The Vedas (‘Witting, Sciences’) also called Shruti (‘Word’, ‘Heard Messages from the luminaries in the Sky’, the Lore of wisdom) or Shravah (‘Glory’, ‘Word’, ‘Education’) are scientific books of ancient India kept in memory of learned brahmanas, according to my astronomical calculation made on the basis of new astronomical data found in the Rig-Veda along the lines of the standard historical chronology, in an unchanged form as a sacred and most secret heritage about two millenia ago.Shravakas or Slavs preserved this knowledge in Europe and epithomized it in a series of astronomical clocks and astrolabes. The most famous among these extraordinary computers are the Antiketeron mechanism and also astronomical clocks in Prague, Rostok and many other cities of Germany, France, Italy, England etc., dating from the 14th c.

The Vedas have been ranked by UNESCO as masterpieces of the oral heritage of the mankind with aim to draw attention of the world community to their value and to encourage the governments to their preservation. The language, in which they were composed, is considered by learned brahmanas to be a gift granted from heavens, and all subsequent Sanskrit authors show respect to it mixed with surprise and awe.

The authors try to decipher the digital codes and Vedic script along the lines of calendar observational astronomy which leads them to the reconstruction of the Vedas as an epitome of the eternal 60-year calendar of Jupiter.

R. K. Sharma’s Note
Mr. Mikhail Mikhailov is working on a long research project concerning the chrono-astronomical interpretation of the èg-Veda. Scholars were immensely impressed with the originality and objectivity of his treatment in his learned papers presented at the 9th, 10th, and 11th World Sanskrit Conferences held at Melbourne, 1994, Bangalore 1997, and Turin 2000 respectively.
I have known him as a talented researcher in Indology; his continued original research on the chrono-astronomical interpretation of the Rigveda interests me most. He eminently deserves attention which will undoubtedly facilitate his work on an indological topic of international interest.

R. K. Sharma                     
Formerly Vice Chancellor, S. Sanskrit University, Varanasi
President, International Asso. of Sanskrit Studies

Date   Sep. 29, 2002

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