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Trivia — Lakshmi (Sanskrit: ??????? lak?mi, Hindi pronunciation: [‘l?k?mi]) is the Hindu goddess of wealth, love, prosperity (both material and spiritual), fortune, and the embodiment of beauty. She is the wife of Vishnu. Also known as Mahalakshmi, she is said to bring good luck and is believed to protect her devotees from all kinds of misery and money-related sorrows.Representations of Lakshmi are also found in Jain monuments.
Lakshmi is called Sri or Thirumagal because she is endowed with six auspicious and divine qualities, or Gunas, and also because she is the source of strength even to Vishnu. When Vishnu incarnated on the Earth as the avatars Rama and Krishna, Lakshmi took incarnation as his consort. Sita (Rama’s wife), Radha (Krishna’s lover), Rukmini and Satyabama are considered forms of Lakshmi.
Lakshmi is worshipped daily in Hindu homes and commercial establishments as the goddess of wealth. She is also worshipped as the consort of Vishnu in many temples. The festivals of Diwali and Kojagiri Purnima are celebrated in her honour.
Ashta Lakshmi
Adi Lak?mi The First manifestation of Lakshmi
Dhanya Lak?mi Granary wealth
Veera Lak?mi Wealth of courage
Gaja Lak?mi Elephants, symbols of wealth
Santana Lak?mi Wealth of continuity, progeny
Vijaya Lak?mi Wealth of victory
Aishwarya Lak?mi Wealth of knowledge and education
Dhana Lak?mi Monetary wealth

The etymology and meanings of the word lakshmi is given in Monier-Williams’ Sanskrit–English Dictionary.

laksmIka meaning a mark, sign, or token is in Rik Veda x, 71, 2 and Nirukta iv, 10.
laksmi ( with or without pAp’I ) is a bad sign or an impending misfortune referred to Atharva Veda and Apasthambha Shrauta Suutra.
In older Sanskrit, it is usually used with p’uNyA meaning a good sign, good fortune, prosperity, success, or happiness in Atharva Veda.
Laksmi personifies wealth, riches, beauty,happiness, loveliness, grace, charm and splendour in Mahabharata.
Laksmi as a noun is a goddess of fortune and beauty (frequently in the later mythology identified with Sri and regarded as the wife of Vi??u or Naraya?a).
According to Sir Monier Williams, Religious thought and life in India, 45, 40-43 she sprang with other precious things from the foam of the ocean when churned by the gods and demons for the recovery of the Am?ta. She appeared with a lotus in her hand, whence she is also called Padma.
According to another legend, she appeared at the creation floating over the water on the expanded petals of a lotus flower; she is also variously regarded as wife of Surya, as wife of Praja-pati, as wife of Dharma and mother of Kama, as sister or mother of Dhat? and Vidhat?, as wife of Datt^atreya, as one of the nine Saktis of Vi??u, as a manifestation of Prak?ti, as identified with Dakshaya?i in Bharat^asrama, and with Sita, wife of Rama, and with other women.

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