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Smile and the world smiles with you, cliche it may be but it has become a cliche because well it happens to be true and smiles is what we are looking at because smiles can brighten the world, because a smile costs nothing but gives much, because everyone smiles in the same language and because a smile is the universal welcome. Then there is that which gets THAT SMILE on your face, ‘Hasya’ is one of the nine rasas of the Natyashastra but in hindi films it remain of the biggest crowd puller. Comedy has produced some outstanding comedians and comic actor, scenes and songs.

Hindi films have given us enough reasons to smile. Slapstick, sharp, subtle or stupid, the objective of a comedy, in all its forms and facets, is never about making sense but to ensure its viewer has a ball, leaves behind his/her worries and soak in the cheerful vibe. The legendary Kishore Kumar was one of the most extraordinary talents in Hindi film history. He could put any emotion into his songs but when he acted, it was usually as a comic. The song where Kishore Kumar’s transformation as a woman to escape trouble and Pran in Half Ticket is quite funny. The legendary singer actor was the man of the masses, he was known to be a jovial, happy-go-lucky, though somewhat of a scatterbrain person whose job, he believed, was to entertain and he did it with his voice and his acting.

Every Johnny has his day and gets his 15 minutes of fame. But Johnny Walker ruled for nearly two decades as one of Hindi cinema’s most sought after funnster. One of the striking features of Hindi cinema is that comedy is often in a parallel narrative to the main narrative, featuring the leading hero and heroine. And Johnny Walker created ripples of laughter with his characters on screen. Comedy films and comedy in films have not only tickled our funny bones and made us roll with laughter. Comedy is a great mood-lifters, people enjoy it and it gives us a reason to smile. So just celebrate your smile and smile like you mean it.

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