Mahabharata In English | Unknown Story of King Dhrtavarma | Arjun War In Mahabharata

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King Dhrtavarma was the vigorous king who ruled the ancient kingdom of Trigartta. Know more about the unknown story of King Dhrtavarma in this video of Artha.

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1. King Dhrtavarma was the vigorous king who ruled the ancient kingdom of Trigartta (land between three rivers: Ravi, Beas and Sutlej)

2. In the epic of Mahabharata, he was depicted as the brother of Suvarma who belonged to the family of Yayati.

3. As per the legend mentioned in the Asvamedha Parva of Mahabharata, Yudhisthira had performed an Asvamedha Yagna after the Bharata war.

4. Arjuna led the sacrificial horse of this Yagna and was challenged by Suryavarma (then king of Trigartta). After the death of Suryavarma, Ketuvarma took his place.

5. After Ketuvarma’s death, Dhrtavarma became his successor and confronted Arjuna by showering arrows on him. In this combat, Arjuna got hurt and the Gandhiva fell from his hand.

6. Angered by this, Arjuna single-handedly charged on the eighteen mighty Trigartta warriors with a fierce attack and killed them all.

7. After seeing Arjuna’s aggression and this brutal slaughter of his men, Dhrtavarma fell at the feet of Arjuna and accepted the supremacy of Yudhisthira.

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