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The Veda is a highly sophisticated bio-computer program or Operational System of the Eternal Calendar known in India as Kaala-Cakra or 60-year Jupiter cycle. It’s written in an exquisite programming language known as Sanskrit and form a collection of scientific formulas (mantras) grouped in interconnected hymns, chapters and books.

The Veda is built around an integrated binary code well defined in the scientific treatise ‘Pingala-Chandah-Shastra.’

It largely uses a cryptic astromythological terminology partly explained in the Vedic commentaries (Pratishakhyas, Brahmanas, Upanishadas, Itihasas, Puranas and Tantras.)

A good compilation of brahmanical definitions of these astronomical terms was made by Hansaraja in the ‘Vaidic Kosha.’

I published a book ‘Key to the Vedas‘ (2004) and ‘Natyashastra: Science of the Universe as Theater. Chapter 1. Creation of the fifth Veda’ (2018) where I explained the astronomical Vedic patterns and applied astronomical method to the interpretation of the most enigmatic passages and the general plan of these scriptures.

I’m still pursuing this work of deciphering the terms and interpreting the Vedic legacy in the light of astronomy and programming of the Eternal calendar. Go first to the Content page. Then have fun in opening new perspective of endless Time personified in the form of Veda (Higher integral computational knowledge)!


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